& Dads
(Guardians, G-Moms/G-Pops, Aunties, Uncles, etc.)


Health/Fitness & Training/Development Safety/Scholarships & More!

Audition Help
& Document Support

Managing Moms...NPBN

Live Community Forum for Q&A, Templates & More 

 Never have Another Unanswered Question

Free Parent Trainings / Seminars & More 

No Experience? OK!  LOTS of Experience? OK!  Join US

Least Expensive / Quality Travel Options

Resources / Recommendations / Deals

What's Best & Where to get Support!


Need Flexible Income,
While Supporting Your Child?

                                 Managing Moms / NPBN   

is a network of new, interested and/or well-informed, accomplished parents/guardians who are managing their children's day-to-day, aspirations, dreams & careers

& have pooled their resources to share their knowledge... 

 CUT Out as Much of the Middleman as Possible!

What's Best & Where to get Support!

Work-From-Home / Flexible Scheduling

What's Best & Where to get Support!

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to Seamon Enterprises! 

Yassss, we have been busy.

I know you have read our

Hottt Topics, where the

Hotttest Social Media Topics

that you request are discussed,

and we allow you to comment (Anonymously Too)!

And Our Newest Endeavor is...The National Parent / Biz Network (NPBN) &

Managing Moms... and has evolved from years of Researching and Networking

(Yes, that's my new term for what I've been doing all these years)

This membership platform will give you everything that a Mom Managing her kids needs

...Cutting Out That Middle Man!

Felicia Seamon, CEO Seamon Enterprises

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