Marvel vs DC movies

I always thought... to make a good live action, comic book movie, you should have one foot in reality and another firmly placed in the pages of the comic book.

To date, Marvel has been very successful with their live action movies that have been played out on the big screen, not to mention television and animation. It is my opinion that we are able see much more of our favorite Marvel characters now because of the new cutting edge technology. The Marvel cinematic universe just exploded right before your eyes with this great plan Marvel has laid out... with all characters working towards one main goal of finding and uncovering the Infinity Stones, while providing all of their characters with their own fantastic backstory, even incorporating other characters which you can find on Netflix, ABC, and FX.

DC characters, which have been flooding the entertainment industry for years, (in my opinion) is trying to expand their cinematic universe by displaying more of their mainstream characters on the silver screen, like the incoming Wonder Woman. This may seem a little difficult, due to the fact that a lot of DC main characters do not live in the same city.

In contrast, Marvel has just scratched the surface and DC is slowly catching up. But with the Suicide Squad and Justice League, DC seem as though they are up for the task! Time, and the ComicsAnalysts will surely tell.

With DC establishing the Justice League, you should see a host of new characters and superheroes and learn more about their origin stories. DC is hoping that their loyal fans will follow them to the box office. We (my family and I) run to see the newest DC creation every chance we get... to see some of my favorite characters come to life. The latest trailers for DC and Marvel are now out on the big screen (Wonder Woman and Spiderman Homecoming), and if you have not seen these trailers yet... you are in for a TREAT!

This is ComicsAnalyst signing off! Stay tuned for more interesting topics...


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