Spider-Man Reboot?

Marvel Studios' Spider-Man Homecoming (click picture to watch trailer), directed by John Watts, is coming to theaters July 7, 2017. Marvel Studios, in collaboration with Columbia Pictures & Sony Company, Spider-Man Homecoming is another reboot...Already? I'm just saying... maybe not a hard reboot, but it is a reboot!!!

I have always liked Spider-Man and the struggle that Peter Parker had as an adolescent, struggling to be a superhero.

I remember rushing home to see The Amazing Spider-Man Television Movie in 1977, which was re-televised as a daily movie starring Nicholas Hammond, created by Alvin Boretz.

The Spider-Man/Peter Parker character was co-created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and he first leaped into our hearts from the comic, Amazing Fantasy #15, August 1962. The first publication of the Amazing Spider-Man on Marvel Comics came in 1963. Spider-Man/Peter Parker's origin story is a classic one of an orphan raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in the heart of Queens, New York. While during a school trip, he got bit by a radioactive spider, giving him his powers. After which, he created and designed his web shooters and iconic Spidey costume.

REBOOT: So we already know from Captain America: Civil War, Tony Starks/ Ironman played by Robert Downey Jr. shares with Spider-Man/Peter Parker played by Tom Holland some of his tech (which was a substantial upgrade from to his suit and web shooters) before asking him to join in the fight against Captain America.

In 2002, Columbia Pictures & Sony Company released Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi, starring Toby Maguire. Raimi gives us a slightly altered origin story of Spider-Man...and thats another blog for another day (how and why Hollywood does not stick to the comic book or the stories?)

Then in 2012, Columbia Pictures & Sony Company released the Amazing Spiderman, directed by Marc Webb, starring Andrew Garfield. This reboot of his origin story is also slightly altered.

I'm just saying... we have witnessed yet another reboot, and honestly I'm not sure as to why... but my guess is because Marvel sold the rights to Spider-Man to Sony. Marvel Studios has decided to expand their cinematic universe by included one of their iconic characters, and I guess the best way for them to do this is to do what I like to call "a soft reboot", by not putting the whole origin story into one movie, but spreading it out over two movies to give more character development of Spidey/ Peter Parker and hoping that we fall in love with the new actors slated to now live in the Marvel universe.

The trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming look great, but in my opinion when promoting the movie, I think the studios go too far and show too much of the movie within the trailer. But as I said before... that's a blog for another day. I must admit I like the fact that they have cast a younger actor to play Spider-Man and to show his trials and tribulations in high school, as well as being a superhero.

Wait, wait..wait, this is Jordan (ComicsAnalyst Jr), and you know I've got my own opinion... much different than my father's.

I slightly agree with some of the things that he has said about the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie but, I do not like Tom Holland playing Spider-Man. I don't like the fact that Spider-Man looks so much younger than the former actors who have played the web shooters.

He is 20 years of age, and he looks a lot younger than what I believe Spider-Man should look like. I am also not looking forward to a new love interest for Peter Parker (Michelle played by Zendaya), though I am a huge Zendaya fan, by the way! I think it will be great seeing her on the big screen. I would prefer that they use a character from the comic books such as Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Felicia Harding aka Black Cat, Betty Brant or Ava Ayala, aka White Tiger, since this is a Spider-Man reboot!

These are just some of my critiques on Spider-Man Homecoming's trailer...Check back to see what I think about the movie,m and please let me know what you think.

This is ComicsAnalyst signing off! Stay tuned for more interesting topics...

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