Spider-Man Homecoming Review

The Marvel Studios, “Spider-Man Homecoming” collaboration with Columbia Pictures & Sony Company directed by John Watts and starring Tom Holland started out great, as they began Homecoming by playing the Spider-Man 1960’s theme song, and then the movie started.

I could appreciate 21 year-old Tom Holland depicting Peter Parker! I feel that anyone can play Spider-Man because no one knows who is under the mask, but the hard part is making people believe in Peter, as a real person, who becomes the superhero, and Holland looked the part of a young high-school student in either 9th or 10th grade. It is important to realize that within the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Spider-Man is the only superhero who still retains his secret identity, making it a more difficult role to cast.

The movie attempted to show the life of Peter Parker by showing a quick flashback through a documentary narrative Peter Parker/Tom Holland with Happy Hogan played by Jon Favreau and the flashback explains how Parker received the Spidey suit from Tony Sparks played by Robert Downey Jr. Unlike a classic reboot, they glossed over Parker’s origin story through a series of questions between his friend Ned, played by Jacob Batalon, without any mention of Peter's dead Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker played by Marisa Tomei. It was a substandard job in my opinion. Spider-Man seemed very inexperienced, and lacked a lot of confidence in his abilities, while trying too hard to impress Tony Stark. I am just saying, the whole movie seemed like a rite of passage for Spider-Man to become the Spidey we already know and love.

It seemed like Spider-Man just got his powers a week ago and then he meets Stark, then Stark creates the Spider-Man suit through his technology. Stark's technology takes away from Spider-Man’s abilities that the radioactive spider gave him. The MCU just watered down our ionic character. It seems more like the Ironman Cinematic Universe.

The reboot of Vulture/Adrian Toomes, played by Michael Keaton fits the story line and the retelling of the Shocker (1/2)/Herman Schultz, played by Bokeem Woodbine and Jackson Brice played by Logan Marshall-Green was imaginative. I would have liked to have seen more fighting between the Shocker and Spidey. I'm just saying, this could have been done very simply by cutting out Logan Marshall-Green.

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