Born Into It...Literally!


I’m Jordan Kristine Seamon (pronounced sea-moan) … Yeah ha ha funny. Laugh it up. You done? ok, lets start this thing. I'm part of the ComicsAnalysts. Of course, I’m the better half of the duo.

This is my first blog and this is just to introduce myself, tell you what I do, and all that other jazz. First things first, I am a female. (Its the name that confuses people). I am 14, a new high school freshman, & a professional nerd.

Don’t believe me? I know almost everything about superheroes, Harry Potter, anime, MCU, the DC Universe, comics, and millions of other topics. I apologize! Its a long list & you or I don't have the time. Now, let me tell you more about me.

I was born into the Marvel and DC Universe. Literally! My mother was watching Birds of Prey (show about the child of Batman and Cat-Woman) right before I was born. My doctor, who brought me into this crazy world, was named Dr. Loki. Yeah, like the evil brother of Thor. Now, I'm convinced that my father would've liked to have had a son (even though he says he didn’t), but instead he got a tomboyish daughter. I was introduced to everything fathers do with their "sons"... Sports, Comics, Video Games, you know, the works. Ever since then, I have been the biggest weirdo ever. And I mean that in a good way!

Well, my attention span is shot. All I have to say is Welcome! Like, Subscribe, Share & Comment about which topics you are interested in talking about.

Staying Short, Sweet & To The Point! This is Jay, signing off!


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