The Amazonian Princess

The Wonder Woman Movie, Directed by Patty Jenkins, was great! Gal Gadot did an awesome job as Wonder Woman, she was the perfect blend of strength, beauty and intelligence... a true Amazon Princess. My daughter absolutely loved it! And my wife loved the parts she stayed awake

The estimated film budget was $149,000,000, and the opening weekend already grossed over $100,505,000.

DC and Warner Bros. did a great job with blending Wonder Woman's heritage and her principles, giving a very good depiction of her origin story but (Spoiler Alert) I found it hard to believe that all of the Greek Gods were dead, and all met their demise at the hands of Ares (the God of War), the only God left? I'm Just Sayin...I would have had both men and women living together, before Ares initiates a war between the men of Themyscira, who'd then fight each other, so violently that the women prayed with out stopping to Hera (the God of women/marriage) and she convinces Zeus to banish Ares, which stops the war...but the prayer also banishes all of the men, and puts an invisible cloak over the entire island and the women now lived in peace. Jordan agreed with me (and we don't agree on everything), and also that a race of women would pray to Hera, not Zeus..."Hera, Give Me Strength!"

This is a great first peek into the world of Wonder Woman, and it raised my level of interest even more for the upcoming Justice League movie, soon to be released in theaters. To all you comic book movie fans, who go and see Wonder Woman, there is no need to wait until the very last credits because DC and Warner Bros. aren't copy cats. (My daughter forced me to stay to make sure). They're not going to drop little teaser trailers in your lap after the movie is over (believe me I know). Thinking about the family hitting up the Kevin Hart movie, Captain Underpants. I'll let you know what we think. This is ComicsAnalyst signing off! Stay tuned for more interesting topics...


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