The Birth of Batman

One of the most iconic characters (if not thee most) in the DC universe is Batman. Batman first appeared in the detective comics #27 in 1939, and continued to captivate comic book readers.

Batman then appeared in a live-action, black and white 1943 serial with actor Lewis G Wilson, and again in a 1949 live-action, black and white serial with actor Robert Lowrey. All the while Batman, his alter ego Bruce Wayne, and his rogue gallery of villains were gaining more and more popularity within the heart of comic books fans.

Then, Adam West once again dawned the cape and cowl during the colored, 1966 TV series. In 1966, in "Batman" the movie, Adam West and Burt Ward resumed their starring roles as the dynamic duo. In the years to follow, there have been a number of movies:

Batman 1989 directed by Tim Barton

Batman Returns 1992 directed by Tim Barton

Batman Forever 1995 directed by Joel Schneider

Batman and Robin 1997 directed by Joel Schneider

Batman Begins 2005 directed by Christopher Nolan

The Dark Knight 2008 directed by Christopher Nolan

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 directed by Christopher Nolan

There have also been a number of video games, countless animated movies and animated television shows.

For years, there has been one name synonymous with the creation of Batman and that name was Bob Kane.

It was not until recently that the truth was uncovered, that in fact, Bob Kane was not the lone creator of Batman, but Bill Finger was a co-creator.

Bill Finger was one half of the creative genius that brought this character to life. For years, DC Comic book fans have only known of one name, and now with this shocking revelation being brought to light, it seems as though a grave injustice has finally been overturned.

In 1965, Jerry Bail wrote the article, "If The Truth Be Known or A Finger in every Plot", revealing the second half of the creative genius which was Bill Finger.

Of course, everyone had their own truth, and in 1989, Bob Kane wrote (Batman and Me), telling what was his truth, and illustrating the creative genius that was Batman being his creation alone.

The History of Comics, volume #1, printed in 1970 by James Steranko touched on more of the story, that Batman had been created by both men. And finally, Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of "Batman and Bill" uncovered the secret identity of the co-creator of Batman that had been hidden for years.

Just recently, a Hulu original documentary was featured, based on the book (Batman and Bill) and the vast research by Marc Tyler Nobleman. With all of the research that had been uncovered by Mark on Bill Finger, and with the help of Bill's family (daughter, Athena Finger) Bill Finger finally got the credit he so rightly deserves from Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

In the 2016, "Batman versus Superman, Dawn of Justice", directed by Zack Snyder, you can see Bob Kane and Bill Finger both listed as co-creators, and from now on, you will now

see both of these names listed on everything regarding the caped crusader and his rogue gallery of villains.

As a huge Batman fan, it was awesome to learn more about the character that I have grown to know and love for decades. And I am grateful to Mark Tyler Nobleman for acting as Bill's modern day hero.

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