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Where to get Support!

NPPBN is a network of new, interested, and well-informed parents/guardians/coaches and Industry representatives who are responsible for managing the day-to-day, aspirations, dreams & careers of young artists and athletes from all over the world.

These members have pooled their resources to share their knowledge and experiences with you in order to

 CUT Out as Much of the Middleman as Possible!

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 Never have Another Unanswered Question


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Moderator / Admin.

Felicia Seamón 

CEO Seamón Enterprises & Entertainment, 

The Seamón Family Foundation & NPPBN

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Hey Everybody!

Welcome to The National Professionals, Parents & BizNet (NPPBN)

We have evolved from years of Researching, Networking, and Partnerships with great educators.

This membership platform gives you everything a Professional, Parent, Artist, Athlete, &/or Business Owner requires to obtain education, training, and support for this new journey. Shared experiences are how we grow.


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