Seamon Family Foundation


For years, we've served as useful resources to our children, students, family, friends, colleagues, and those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. From overseeing huge municipal department budgets & establishing matching grant-dollars, developing nationally accredited summer camp & teen programs, to renowned private cyber academies, successful tutoring programs, and new, small business start-ups.
More recently we have consulted and managed new, up-and-coming industry artists, authors, play/screen writers, and developers of multimedia-based entertainment, while assisting communities through youth mentorship programs and business development & you have publicly acknowledged, and respected our success.
We finally decided to own that role and be INTENTIONAL ABOUT IT!

Visit our sites to view our commitment to Social & Financial Investment in Arts & Culture, through youth, parental and community education and empowerment; while also working with volunteers at partnering agencies to increase mental health awareness, prevent bullying and hate. 

We started "Seamón Enterprises" with a mission to provide our expertise on a global scale.  
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